Are you ready to make money playing Keno? I had heard of it, but I couldn’t really tell you how it was played. If you are like me and weren’t aware of the existence of Keno, or if you understand the concept but don’t think if this is a game for you, I am here to tell you that the Keno is truly a game to be learned. Rooted in history and leveraging the best aspects of lottery games, Keno has its own appeal. Much loved in Chinese culture; Keno has long occupied a place of choice in the main trusted online casino malaysia of the world. Today you will also find Keno on almost every online gaming site. You will even find complete sites dedicated to this fun guessing game.

Keno has been around longer than you could possibly even imagine. As one of the oldest games of all time, its roots developed in China during the Han Dynasty, around 3,000 years ago.

This is not a creation made in the countryside to occupy the peasants of the time. Rather, Keno was created by then Chinese leader Cheung Leung, who needed more money to fund a never-ending new war, but who had already taxed his people too much. So what should he do? Rather cleverly, he decided to create Keno in order to finance himself through the sale of tickets, thus becoming the first profitable casino in the world.

Legend has it that Keno was used again, many years later, to finance the construction of the Great Wall of China (don’t quote me on this because it hasn’t been fully verified). The real official Chinese lottery was only allowed in the 1800s, so it is interesting to note that the urge to take a chance manifested itself long before the law was properly updated.

Keno’s Journey West

So how did Keno even get to the west coast? Well, like many of our staples like tea, coffee, and spices, Keno ran aground in San Francisco with the hordes of Chinese sailors. These young men were eager to share the thrills of the game with unsuspecting Americans and turned all Chinese characters into numbers to help speed up adoption by Americans.

It worked so well that Keno stuck around long after the Chinese sailors boarded their ships and left. The only problem was that since lotteries were illegal in the United States at the time, Keno had to be transformed in order to successfully pass the exam.

This is how it became known as Racehorse Keno, where horse names were used in place of numbers on tickets, and each draw was called a race. If all your horses were drawn, you were a winner. The game was, therefore, able to bypass the restrictions imposed by state laws, and Keno nestled comfortably in a pretty gray area.

Once the lotteries have been legalized, most casinos have abandoned the pretext and called a spade a spade, but if you look closely enough, you will always find casinos, online or not, that will allow you to play this Iconic game of Racehorse Keno.

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